Our Mission

We believe digital commerce should leave no impact on the environment and should be efficient, easy and accessible. That's why we founded Manifest Commerce, to provide earth-friendly fulfillment at scale.

With 20+ years combined expertise in supply-chain logistics & eCommerce, our mission is to create positive lasting change for the environment and build logistic efficiencies for eCommerce merchants. We do all this with zero impact to the planet or a merchants bottomline.

manifest logistics

A team of

dreamers and doers.

We're passionate
about the environment,
and believe change
happens as a collective.

certified B corporation
sustainable logistic solutions
1% for the planet

We invite you on this journey to disrupt one of the dirtiest global industries. Let’s clean up eCommerce together. There is no planet B.

are you ready
to green
3PL operations?

Manifest Commerce's Founding Members

Co Founder ShipBob
Goldman Sachs

George Wojciechowski


Daily Sustainable Practice

Doesn’t drink water out of plastic bottles

Founding Member ShipBob

Max Stevens

VP Fulfillment

Daily Sustainable Practice

No plastic grocery bags since 2017

ShipBob General Manager

Bob Sixsmith

VP of Operations

Daily Sustainable Practice

Natural cleaners & soaps

ShipBob Sr. Director Merchant Success


VP of Revenue

Daily Sustainable Practice

Electric car & shared rides

Goldman Sachs

bradley stevens

Business Development

Daily Sustainable Practice

Refurbishing eWaste

sustainable shipping without
a cost to the environment
or your bottom line
manifest commerce

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retail dive
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